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About David Thorne

This is the personal website of David Thorne. Developer, business owner, human. I also happen to have Cystic Fibrosis. This is my personal site, with my business site being available at David Thorne.net [davidthorne.net]). My personal site is where I maintain my blog archives from David Thorne .net (Back when it was my personal site) as well as new personal blog items, now mostly on things other than PHP and related technologies (Which will be on David Thorne .net.

I have just migrated to Hugo for my personal site, and started using the beautifulhugo theme.

Please note I am not the David Thorne of Aussie fame, who tried to pay bills with a spider etc. His website is 27bslash6 [27bslash6.com]. I am more than happy to receive praise for his writings, but alas it would be wrong of me, and I really don’t think a flame war between 2 David Thorne’s is what my website needs right now although let’s face it the world could do with a good laugh!

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