Public Speaking

Public speaking engagments

As of 1st September 2019, I’ve spoken at a number of user groups over the years, including:

  • DrupalCambs (Cambridge UK Drupal User Group)
  • PHP Cambridge
  • Docker Cambridge
  • Dublin Drupal User Group
  • DrupalCamp London 2018
  • Wordpress Cambridge
  • Drupal Europe

I also have forthcoming speaking events at the following user groups:

In the table below I have published links to the relevant talks have been published where possible, along with links to the event page itself, and my slides (Again where possible). This is not an exhaustive list, and talks I have done prior to January 2018 are not guaranteed to be included.

User Group / Event Name Talk Name Date (Month/year) Talk Slides Talk recording
Drupal Europe An introduction to Islandora CLAW September 2018 Github Link PDF Link
DrupalCamp London Learning frontend Development as a backender March 2018 Github link PDF Link Youtube Link (Slides not visible)
Drupal Cambs, Docker Cambridge, Drupal Usergroup Dublin, Wordpress Cambridge Docker for web development Various throughout 2018 Github link PDF Link None

I am also intending on uploading some of my talks as videos on YouTube, either at my own channel, or via my company’s channel.

Please note:

I aim to update this page as and when I give a talk. I usually update it on the 1st of each month a talk is organised, updating it after the talk with slides and videos as they are available.

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