Public Speaking

Public speaking engagments

As of 1st September 2019, I’ve spoken at a number of user groups over the years, including: DrupalCambs (Cambridge UK Drupal User Group) PHP Cambridge Docker Cambridge Dublin Drupal User Group DrupalCamp London 2018 Wordpress Cambridge Drupal Europe I also have forthcoming speaking events at the following user groups: DrupalCon Amsterdam (October 2019) Wordpress Cambridge (Date TBC, Probably early 2020) In the table below I have published links to the relevant talks have been published where possible, along with links to the event page itself, and my slides (Again where possible). [Read More]

Developer burnout is real, we need to talk about it

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional, nor have I ever claimed to be. This post is about my experiences with burnout, and steps I have taken that have worked for me. Your mileage may vary and if you are considering getting outside help, make sure it is with an accredited mental health professional in your local area. Important note: This article was written over the most of 2016, through many drafts. [Read More]

Site update - the update!

No excuse, no excuses. This is more of an explanation and apology than an excuse (Although I am sure there are some who see them as something highly similar!) The update of has been delayed. I’ve finally commissioned a designer, and we’re going to be working on the new design by January (The delay is mine, I was in hospital over late October and half of November). The content reorganisation is mapped out (As soon as I work out a good way to share it I will, I intend to open source as much of the process I use as possible), the code I want to write for displaying my CV [github. [Read More]

Now officially Drupal 8 certified

Today (27 Sept 2016) I took and passed the Acquia Drupal 8 certification. At DrupalCon, there is usually the option for a single retake exams in the event of failure. Thankfully I didn’t need that, but it was a nice safety blanket to have. Surprisingly I did best in terms of result by section in front end (Which is usually my weakest subject) Which was a really pleasant surprise! [Read More] now on Drupal 8

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. On 17/01/2016 this website [] relaunched on Drupal 8. Although the default theme has stayed the same, we are also working hard to update this. Other blog entries coming soon including the almost obligatory “life update” detailing my change of job, hopes for 2016 etc. One small downside to D8 at present is I haven’t figured out what I am missing to get disqus working, so it’s currently disabled (Not that anyone ever comments anyway! [Read More]
PHP  D8  Drupal  2016 :: Drupal 8 upgrade

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. Well the time has come for me to trial Drupal 8. I’m wanting to upgrade “early” as due to work pressures I probably won’t have massive amoutns of time to do so in the near future otherwise. My initial aim is to do a direct upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 “As is” (Including sticking with Bartik as my default theme). [Read More]

Updates and Certifications

Links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. So much time has passed (Well over a year in fact!), so I thought I would update the world with yet another promise to “blog more” (Which I’ll probably fail at) and also with what I have been doing. First and foremost (From a working perspective), I’ve started working at Ware Anthony Rust [] as a Drupal Developer way back in May 2014. [Read More]

Acquia Certification

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. So in March 2014 Acquia (The company run by Dries Buytaert [], the project founder of Drupal) launched it’s certification program []. Whilst I am not necessarily an advocate of having a certification for every PHP framework or CMS that exists, but I do feel that Drupal did need something. A little History As is the case with a lot of PHP frameworks or open source projects, you find a large variety of abilities irrespective of experience level as a PHP developer. [Read More]

General Update :: It's been a while

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. So it’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. My bad. I’ve been busy living. My last (published) article (I have several drafts I’m debating finishing or just scrapping) was Theming miniseries :: Omega a review [] and the mini series was out to review the most recent versions of 4 popular base themes for Drupal [drupal. [Read More]

Theming Miniseries Omega Review

This article refers to theming in Drupal 7, which is very different to Drupal 8. Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. OK so with all the best intentions comes the habits of mortal man. I failed miserably in publishing this article on Wednesday as I had suggested I’d do. However it is here now, and better than it would have been if I had rushed to meet a Wednesday “publishing deadline”. [Read More]