Davidthorne.net now on Drupal 8

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

On 17/01/2016 this website [davidthorne.net] relaunched on Drupal 8. Although the default theme has stayed the same, we are also working hard to update this.

Other blog entries coming soon including the almost obligatory “life update” detailing my change of job, hopes for 2016 etc. One small downside to D8 at present is I haven’t figured out what I am missing to get disqus working, so it’s currently disabled (Not that anyone ever comments anyway!) Once this is working I will update this entry to reflect it. Update It appears that you have to specifically enable comments for each post, even if by default you have the ‘Disqus Comments’ option ticked. Ho-hum the joys of early version software…

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