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Welcome to my personal website. Here you can see a copy of my CV, my public SSH and GnuPG keys. It will also give me an opportunity to comment on projects I am interested in, and link to the associated blogs, wiki’s and project pages. You can also access my blog. My site is in the process of being upgraded with a new theme, and improved layout. Please be patient whilst I go through this process inbetween working on client websites, with my company Contemporary Fusion Computer Services Limited.

Please note I am not the David Thorne of Aussie fame, who tried to pay bills with a spider etc. His website can be found at http://www.27bslash6.com/ . I am more than happy to receive praise for his writings, but alas it would be wrong of me, and I really don’t think a flame war between 2 David Thorne’s is what my website needs right now (As funny as I might find it)

The Orkambi Debate at Westminster Hall

About 60 MPs attend debate at Westminster Hall debate on 19 March 2018

Introduction On 19th March 2018, a debate was held in Westminster Hall to debate Orkambi’s®1 availability on the NHS. Watch the debate here (Parliamentlive.tv, available until approximately 26th March 2018). A transcript is also available (Hansard.parliament.uk. I believe this link will work permanently). The debate was attended by approximately 60 MPs, but attendance at Westminster Hall debates are normally attended by under 15 MPs. The debate was in response to ePetition 209455 (parliament. [Read More]

Orkambi And Me

It’s happened, I’m on ORKAMBI®. Those readers who are: Eating Of a sensitive nature to medical words about body fluids may wish to consider either avoiding this article or returning later. It is with mixed feelings I write this post. Today I started ORKAMBI® [orkambi.com], the drug that is targeted at Cfers (A person with CF) with my genotype ΔF508 (Also known as F508Δ.) It is the most common of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) genotypes in the UK, and possibly worldwide. [Read More]

Cferthorney Com Relaunch

Relaunching Cferthorney.com I have finally gotten around to relaunching my personal website, here on https://www.cferthorney.com. I have also migrated my previous personal blog posts from my old personal website, now business site https://www.davidthorne.net. The old articles can be found at https://www.cferthorney.com/archive, and new blog posts such as this one are https://www.cferthorney.com/posts. I am not going to promise to blog often. I keep saying I will, and it never happens. Blog articles are likely to focus on more personal aspects and non-business related tech posts. [Read More]