Site update - the update!

No excuse, no excuses. This is more of an explanation and apology than an excuse (Although I am sure there are some who see them as something highly similar!) The update of has been delayed. I’ve finally commissioned a designer, and we’re going to be working on the new design by January (The delay is mine, I was in hospital over late October and half of November). The content reorganisation is mapped out (As soon as I work out a good way to share it I will, I intend to open source as much of the process I use as possible), the code I want to write for displaying my CV [github. [Read More]

Updates and Certifications

Links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility. So much time has passed (Well over a year in fact!), so I thought I would update the world with yet another promise to “blog more” (Which I’ll probably fail at) and also with what I have been doing. First and foremost (From a working perspective), I’ve started working at Ware Anthony Rust [] as a Drupal Developer way back in May 2014. [Read More]