Updates and Certifications

Links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

So much time has passed (Well over a year in fact!), so I thought I would update the world with yet another promise to “blog more” (Which I’ll probably fail at) and also with what I have been doing. First and foremost (From a working perspective), I’ve started working at Ware Anthony Rust [war.uk.com] as a Drupal Developer way back in May 2014. Since starting there I have also have started learning things away from Drupal (Although mostly to supllement my Drupal Knowledge) such as Symfony [symfony.com], in preparation for Drupal 8. I have also learned quite a bit of Laravel [laravel.com], again for work, as well as Bootstrap [getbootstrap.com], and although I miss my favoured Zen and Omega themes (Which I will revisit once zen-7.x.6.x/8.x-7.x and omega 7.x-5.x/8.x-5.x are released). I’ve also looked quite extensively into my development process, using more modern tools to develop websites, but that blog is for another time.

I have also got 2 Drupal Certifications (Site Builder - March 2015, and Certified Developer - August 2015). As of the time of writing my name is only on the Register of Acquia Certified Drupal [training.acquia.com] people, as Drupal Site Builder but I should appear on the register shortly for both credentials. The badges I have been will be pinn to the front page in due course.

Moving forward I intend to create a blog series rebuilding this site in Drupal 8 (At the time of writing in Beta 13) as well as documenting theming with Twig, the migration process etc. I fully intend to blog more regularly, hopefully here and more on social media about Drupal, as well as other things such as CF, rebuilding my health, and what I am doing to maintain it etc. When my Drupal 8 site launches, I will probably have 2 sections to it, one for my technical writings, and one for my health related writings (I may even seperate the 2 out again, who knows). This is of course assuming I get round to ever writing anything!

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