General Update :: It's been a while

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

So it’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. My bad. I’ve been busy living. My last (published) article (I have several drafts I’m debating finishing or just scrapping) was Theming miniseries :: Omega a review [] and the mini series was out to review the most recent versions of 4 popular base themes for Drupal []. Well a lot has changed in the theming world (And Drupal world) since then.


Whilst my Drupal friends who take the time to read this blog will probably know all of whats been happening in the Drupal world, I would like to think I have some readers who may be of a technical persuasion who are not be Drupalists. Therefore I have provided a summary of the bits I found most interesting is listed below (In the order I remember them!):

  • Drupal 8 has had it’s theming layer replaced by TWiG
  • Drupal 8 has continued apace towards release with Feature and Code freezes happening.
  • Drupal 8 will once again be released “When it’s ready” []
  • DrupalCon Europe 2014 is to be in Amsterdam []
  • There has been a major fork of Drupal (Called Backdrop [])
  • Omega 4 [] has been released
  • I have started a sandbox project for a Drupal distribution called DrupalBug []
  • I got my first contribute module commits on SearchAPI Solr [] (Commit 74853b5 []) and Commerce Webform [] (Commit 9c4dc36 and 5c00096 [both]) Some of the “worthy” items listed above will in their own time get blog articles. Backdrop, TWiG, Omega 4, and my DrupalBug project will definitely get their own articles at some point. In case the talk of backdrop on this blog worries you, I am not planning on leaving the Drupal community but I do intend to keep an eye on the project.

Personal and CF

A lot has gone on in my personal (And CF) related life too. The details of this would fill a novel (And probably cure insomnia too!) But “highlights” include turning 30 (A mixed blessing!), starting a relationship with someone, moving house (Happening as I write this), going to day 3 of 5th Ashes test at the Oval (Yes the really slow play day), and booking tickets to see Spurs vs FC Sheriff in November. The worse bits include turning 30, the said relationship ending, and being in hospital earlier than I expected (I expected late November/early December as has happened the last few years). As the hospitalisation probably indicates, sadly my health is beginning to deteriorate further. Obviously this isn’t good news, however I do seem to be fairly stable at the moment given it’s now autumn and the start of my worst time of year (Late September through early April). I’m planning on writing a series of articles on living with Cystic Fibrosis (as seems to be a trend amongst people with CF these days) I’ll include information such as my tablet regime, “day in the life of” for healthy and on IV’s me, and anything else I think will bore interest people who read my blog and wish to learn more about CF.

Going forward

As I am so good at promising to post regularly to this blog and then not doing so I am making no promises as to how often I’ll post. I do however want to get back into writing more blog articlesand tutorials, as I enjoy working through these and helping fellow Drupalists learn from the (far too) many mistakes I have made along the way! I will also hopefully actually get around to building the theme for this website (Using Omega 4 as the base theme to try it out rather than my preferred Zen (which it seems doesn’t do responsive layouts as well as I would have hoped…) Comments and further blog article ideas are welcome in the comments field below as always.

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