January's 12412 - Part 1, design

Links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

View Part 1 here

Shown below are the completed 960 design, as well as the 720 pixel layout. This should result in no scroll on an ipad in portrait mode, where you have 768px.

The 960 version has been tidied up and completed. I also changed the social icons to icon dock’s social media icons [icondock.com] due to them having both Drupal and Github icons, whilst my original (And slightly preferred choice) did not. The designs are shown below:

Design 2, full 960

As you can see the design changes include a loss of pictures in the preview of articles for the blogs, as well as a narrowing of the space available for the summary text. More complex changes are required for the 420 pixel width (6 col, 480 pixel width, should be no scroll on landscape iPhone, or a 7” tablet), including the loss of the right hand side blocks, and the “Contact David” links becoming flat at the base (Due to the loss of its block)

I will show these in part 3 of my January 12412.

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