12412 - twelve things for 2012

This is an old article with links stripped out due to their new site being not safe for work

OK so there is an online movement called 12412 [12412.org], encouraging people to learn 12 new technologies over the course of 2012. This really appeals to my inner geek, as I love learning new technologies, but I usually go about it in a half baked way, and loose track quickly. So I am determined to do something along the lines of 12412 and spend some time each month learning new technologies. I have a little over half of Jan left, so I will make January’s a shorter one, with more adventurous projects for Feb through Dec.

So my thoughts for Jan are to “learn” Drupal 7 theming with regards to a responsive design. I know a little of this already having started to rebuild this site in D7, and have spent quite a lot of time late last year reading around both responsive and adaptive design. I see this as an easier way to break into 12412, as I have an idea as to whats going on (A bit like learning more Objective-C something I plan for later in the year.)

So starting now I will document everything I have done, and aim to do for my new updated theme, including producing a brief overview of what I have done and am yet to do. I also need to finish setting up taxonomies I guess so I can use tag clouds making my 12412 easier to find on the site!

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