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OK OK, so I have once again forgone the idea of making resolutions I know I won’t keep. So does a new year mean I have to change? And does it mean I have to make resolutions? No but change still needs to come and here is why…

Obviously I will get older (thankfully not the big 30 this year but will do in 2013), supposedly wiser, and probably not get richer (Especially as I am having to slow down the amount of work I do due to health issues with my CF) but all these things are a change. Except maybe for the not getting richer, and I firmly blame HMRC for that!

This blog will also change, as I finally finish updating it to Drupal 7, and finish the redesign. Yes I know I said that would happen before this year but health got in the way - a month (Well nearly) in hospital kind of stops that sort of thing. I admit the last week in hospital I could have made more of an effort to finish it. The geek in me however says developing on a 15” Macbook Pro is not the same as my beloved 27” iMac though :-) Screen real estate matters! (Pixels mater!)

I am determined to try and keep up with my new health regime too. Papworth (The CF Centre I attend) has stuffed me on a whole load of new (nasty tasting) stuff to keep me fit and well, along with the new treadmill the family have bought so I can exercise when our poor British weather is well not up to scratch… (So about 360 days of the year!) So far I have used it everyday this year. Yes OK it is only 3rd Jan but thats still 3 more days exercise than I did in January last year… (And about 2 more days than I did in the whole year - just don’t tell the physio’s at Papworth. I still maintain stretching for the TV remote counts as exercise…)

I am hoping reducing my workload, as painful as it will be to my gadget purchasing habit, will boost my quality of life, so I can enjoy things like the tickets to the judo at the Olympics that I have etc. I also want to try and raise more awareness of CF this year.

In summary many things will change this year, some through choice, but it is not because it is new year and therefore the time everyone does these things. It is more because now is the time to do it through circumstance. Had I fallen ill with pneumonia in June, then would be the time to change it (And yes I know the chances of that are less than in December) and yes I know some of it will fall by the wayside - probably the exercise, awareness raising, blog changing and at least part of the health regime, but I am determined to make the effort to change which I think is what counts in the long run no?

Thoughts as always appreciated. And I promise a gadget/tech post will come as soon as I can think of a good one to post on.

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