David Thornes Site Relaunched on Drupal 7

Links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

Well it has finally happened, I have upgraded my site to Drupal 7. I am finally shot of Drupal 6 (on this site at least - my company [contemporaryfusion.co.uk] one is a work in progress) My Omega based theme discussed in my earlier blog [davidthorne.net] is well underway, but I got fed up of importing in blog articles via the feeds module I have published the site temporarily with the Bartik default theme, so I can concentrate in my “free time” on building the Contemporary Fusion website. I am currently debating as to using Omega or Zen [drupal.org] for Contemporary Fusion. Zen is quicker to convert - my D6 site used Zen - but I much prefer Omega at the moment, as I also wouldn’t need to add further plugins to get an adaptive theme, but a large part of me says rebuild quickly in Zen and then rebuild in Omega as I have the time. I am yet to make that decision.

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