DrupalCon Munich Day 0

(adopts pants Geordie accent)

Day 0* In the DrupalCon Munich Hotel

And David is determined to write a blog everyday!

DrupalCon is finally here! Not that I have been waiting for a long time or anything! As I write this I have just popped up to my room to grab my AC adapter, and my conference pass so people know I am a Drupaler. Not that they wouldn’t guess given I am wearing my XKCD “compiling” tshirt [xkcd.org].

I have now seen as much of Munich as I am likely to (Unless bars and beer gardens count) as I am determined to get involved in as much Drupal action as I can this year. I am debating how best to spend the afternoon. Try and impress a client by going to a multilingual code sprint (The client concerned wants a large number of languages under 1 site. Easy enough with Drupal) or do I network and just try and get some coding I need to do done?

The heat is almost intolerable here - it’s about 34 outside. Does Munich not understand Englishmen melt at temperatures over 30? I know they say mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun but jeepers! All I can say is thank goodness for air con! Now to find some lunch, a cold drink some caffeine, a seat and do some coding.

Current mood: Annoyed I forgot my headphones so can’t listen to music whilst I code - as no one wants to hear the tripe I usually listen to! Tschüss!

[*](Yes I have zero indexed my day)

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