DrupalCon Munich Day 1

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

First day of DrupalCon proper. It’s lunchtime and I am writing my blog. So far the sessions have been good. Dries' keynote [drupal.org] was different, it was an interview done by Josh Koenig (JoshK [drupal.org]) on D.O [drupal.org]. The questions were mostly regarding Drupal 8, Acquia, and (Most importantly!) how Dries keeps his hair spiky! After the Keynote, I went a long to the Caching with no fear [drupal.org] and whilst this session was not quite what I expected (I was thinking it was going to be about the techniques and how to set them up, rather than an overview of the techniques) it was still very good, particularly the information on Drupal 8 cache tags. After lunch I intend to go to mostly the Dev Ops track - which is hosting the following:

If I get the time I will update the blog entry to include information on these sessions. However there is a social event at the Chinese Pagoda, in the Englischer Garten - a beer garden in a large park in Munich. Geeks and beer and all that! I am off to get something to eat. Comments welcome as always

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