DrupalCon Munich Day 2

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

All URL’s are to drupal.org unless otherwise stated Day 2 of DrupalCon Munich, and once again I was up for the keynote (I am doing 1 keynote better than last year! At D.C. London I only made Dries' keynote). This time it was by Anke Domscheit-Berg, entitled “Digital Democracy - How Technology helps Governments and Citizens to Open Up Politics and Public Administration” It was a very interesting keynote on the importance of open data, and allowing people access to non-sensitive data. It included details on the fact that the German state of Hesse I think were having a referendum on how to cope with Open Data and access. I will need to rewatch the keynote and correct this at a later date. After the keynote, as with Tuesday, I spent all day on the DevOps track. These talks have included so far New Developments In MySQL which was talking about what forks of the MySQL open source software are doing now, including improvements to database engines, replication options etc. It was a really interesting talk which I would have liked to have seen go into a little bit more detail on some of the replication related enhancements, and a little less on transaction. I also Real Data: Why your intuition isn’t trustworthy which explained why you should use real data (Anonymising email and sensitive data to comply with local law) where ever possible. It was a very interesting talk highlight the dangers of even “Lorum Ipsum” style passages, and how the only real test of a website is to use real data that may well be actually shown on the site. I am currently sat back in my hotel room writing this now, as my head is spinning from data overload (A real problem with DrupalCon!) and intend to watch the Drush Ecosystem presentation later, as Drush [github.com, updated from original article] is something i use a lot. I also intend to go to the remaining 2 Devops talk today which are Achieving Continuous Integration with Drupal and 4x High Performance for Drupal - Step by Step. The UK Drupal [UK Drupal site] peeps are having a night out so after I have had dinner with some of my D.C. friends I may well pop along there.

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