DrupalCon Munich Day 2

Some links have been stripped from this article due to age and inaccessibility.

All links are to drupal.org unless otherwise stated Well this always happens, I overslept and woke up at midday! So as I write this I have little to report. I will be watching the keynote by Fabien Potencier (The gentleman behind the Symfony [Symfony.com], as well as Angie Byron’s talk on Drupal 8: What you need to know, My [meetup.com] friend Liang Shen who is presenting on The state of the community in China & Pakistan. I did attend 1 session today - which was on the use of Deploy with Capistrano . Capistrano [github.com] which introduced Capistrano. It’s certainly something I am going to look into in more detail when I get the chance. The closing plenary is always worth going to, as they announce where the next Drupalcon Europe is. The answer is Prague. However before that is São Paulo in December, Sydney in February 2013, and Portland in May 2013. This has been the best DrupalCon I have been to and I echo the Drupal Association’s plaudits to both the Westin Grand, and to the organising team. And for now all I can say is Auf Wiedersehen München, Na shledanou v Praze (I blame Google translate for translation errors)

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